Our History and Mission

Our Background

Established in 1998, Occupational Safety and Health Management Institute (“OSHMI”) is a member of Y Y Wong Group, accumulated more than 20 years of OSH information, development and trends, trainingexperience and best practices. OSHMI is accredited by the industry with professionaltraining team and vast practical experience and real-life cases.

To date, we organized over 7,200 training courses formassive audience through customers and government
bodies, including New World Development,Water Supplies Department, Food Environmental
Hygiene Department, Agriculture, Fisheries andConservation Department, Leisure & Cultural ServicesDepartment, VTC, Salvation Army, New Life PsychiatricRehabilitation Association, Hong KongICAC, DHL, JEB Group, FSE Engineering Group Limited,and the list goes on.

Our Mission

OSHMI and YY Wong Safety Consultants Limited (“YYWSCL”) shared the same OSH professionalism and philosophy. OSHMI is committed to providing OSH information, training and courses, to enhance the OSH awareness for both employer and employee. Riding on our industry best practices and experience, we assist corporations to improve working environment and enhance corporate OSH management efficiency.

OSHMI also strives to promote the importance of OSH, which ultimately helps corporate to protect human assets. We offer customized training courses to corporates at different sizes and industries, to meet their needs and objectives. We tailor-make the most suitable and comprehensive training material for them to ensure thorough understanding of different roles and accountability in their organization.

OSHMI collaborates with YYWSCL to publish quarterlycourse flyer and e-Newsletter on company’swebsite and digital platforms for customers and students to acquire latest training course schedulesand news update regularly.